So many websites...such little time

There are so many fantastic websites out there! I would like to share some websites that you might find useful, interesting, or just plain ol' fun!

Here is a list of some of my favorites.

Adobe Kuler
Kuler is a wonderful tool for creating amazing colour palettes. They have added some new features lately which allow you to pull colour schemes directly from photos, including photos straight from your Flickr account.

This is an amazing online word processor which has some great features. You can access your documents from anywhere and if you are using a computer without a word processor this is a great tool for creating documents.

A great source for inspiration. ColourLovers is a great resource that monitors and influences colour trends.

CSS Zen Garden
Showcases the beauty of CSS. This site uses the same html code with different CSS files to show you how powerful it really is. If you aren't sold on CSS you will be after viewing this site.

A wonderful photography site. You can create galleries and view other the galleries of others. Check out the explore page which showcases the most interesting photos.

Smashing Magazine
This has got to be my favorite site of all. When I read my RSS feeds Smashing Magazine is always the one I check first. This is a great resource for designers, and provides wonderful articles for learning and inspiration.

Web Designer Wall
Another great resource for designers. A beautiful site with wonderful articles.