Every business needs something printed whether is a regular occurance or just every now and then. It is good to develop a relationship with a printer that you can trust and who provides good quality products and great service.

Located on Pandora Avenue in Victoria, BC. Fotoprint is a wonderful print shop with great service, good quality product, and good prices.

You can place an order online if you are unable to make it down there, and they have the option of delivering the finished product to you as well.

When I design something for print, such as business cards, I will give you the option of dealing with the printer or having me do it for you. Some people prefer to do it on their own, and others would rather not worry about it. It is your choice.

Either way, FotoPrint is a great business and I recommend them for your printing needs.

As a tip, you can save some money by doing a gang run if you have time to wait a couple of weeks.