Web Browsers & Email

Most computer users stick to the basics...Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook. Try these browsers and email tools. I guarantee you will love them!

If you aren`t using firefox as your browser you should really give it a try. Most people use Internet Explorer because it`s already there, but firefox is definitely the superior browser. Once you start using it you`ll never go back.

Firefox Addons
A great way to customize Firefox. There are so many great tools out there. Some of my favorites are

Web Developer

A social web browser. If you love websites such as Facebook, Digg, YouTube, Flicker, and Twitter you will love this browser. It keeps you updated with all of your favorite social sites and allows you to easily update photos, videos, text and links. Flock also has an RSS reader built in.

I used to use Windows Mail for my email, until I discovered the wonderful world of Gmail. Not only does Gmail have a massive amount of storage, it allows you to collect mail from your other email accounts. I have all of my accounts set up to receive and send mail. It is easy to organize and it groups your reply emails together so you can easily reference emails. Give it a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Google Browser Sync
This tool has become my best friend! This is a tool for firefox users. You can synchronize browsers on different computers so you can easily access your favorites, history, etc. I love being able to access my favorite websites from all of my computers. When you save a new favorite on one computer it is added to the other computers you are synchronized with as well. How cool is that!

Google Reader
Another one of my best friends! RSS feeds are a great way to keep updated with new articles and posts from your favorite websites. It keeps all of your subscriptions in one place and you can organize it into categories.